Our Story

Our History, Our Heritage

Willamette Community Church is a group of ordinary people growing closer to God and helping others along the way.

It all started in May of 1867 when RC Hill moved to Albany to open the first doctor's office, the first school, and the first Baptist Church. Known then as Albany First Baptist Church, our first building was located at 2nd and Montgomery. When those facilities became inadequate to house the growing congregation, they purchased property at 5th and Lyons.

By 1964 FBC had continued to prosper and to grow. However, the facilities were no longer adequate; the church had run out of both ministry space and parking. That year the old Albany High School came up for sale and our people began to have a vision for a Christian school. Some of the church's leaders walked and prayed through the huge abandoned hallways here on 3rd Ave, and it seemed like such a long shot. But the church stepped out in faith and offered a bid of $59,916.67. Nine months later the church moved in, remodeled extensively, and started the first school year with the Pastor serving as Principal, two full time teachers, and 57 students.

Since 2002 our church has continued to refine and concentrate its ministry focus, specifically cultivating a greater emphasis on serving our neighborhood in a historic and broken part of town. We then made the decision to change our name to Willamette Community Church in 2004 while keeping our strong beliefs and heritage. In April 2008 we extended a call to Scott Miller (on staff since 2001) to become our Lead Pastor.

In July 2013 our building experienced a significant fire. Though the fire and extensive smoke damage was a shock to WCC, we found that it was also a blessing as we were able to update our 100 year old facility with many improvements, energy efficient upgrades, and various remodeling projects while keeping the original feel of our historic building.

Today we are continuing to experience God's goodness as we seek to bring His heart and hands to our city and the people in our lives.