Mission Trip Opportunities

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Mexico Mission Trip (March 22-30, 2023)

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Our church is involved each year in a trip to Tabasco, Mexico. Tabasco is about 1200 miles or 24 hours from Albany. The team can include high school students, retirees, families, and individuals. Ages have ranged from 4 years old to 60 “something.” Planning meetings are held through the year for those interested in joining the Mexico team. While in Mexico we are able to serve our sister church, visit shut-ins, hand out food, and share the difference that Christ has made in our lives.

Living Water (Agua Viva) Church in Tabasco- Our sister church was built with the help of Willamette Community Church over twenty years ago. We are excited to support Agua Viva Church as well as the surrounding community. We have hosted a city wide evangelical service, distributed food and clothing, and helped the church with maintenance and upkeep of their property.

We have connected with Caring Hearts Ministries in the nearby city of San Luis. They have many ministry opportunities including the Oasis Boys Home. The boys there, aged 12-18, learn a trade, go to school, and learn about Christ. We have the opportunity to hang out with the boys, play some soccer, and build into their lives. Caring Hearts also facilitates a soup kitchen, visiting shut-ins, visiting rehabilitation centers, street evangelism, and bringing food to the city’s dump workers.

Sierra Leone, Africa (Winter 2024)

Teams from WCC, travel to Sierra Leone Africa to visit and encourage our sister church, WCC-Moyamba. We also have the privilege to visit Willamette International Academy (or Moyamba Academy) which recently built a second school house.

As Ebola has greatly affected Sierra Leone and
WCC-Moyamba, we have continued to send support and encouragement to this nation. 

Gleanings for the Hungry (Summer 2022)

Gleanings for the Hungry is an all volunteer organization that is part of YWAM (Youth With a Mission) We first connected with Gleanings when we brought some soup mix and dried peaches on a Mexico Mission trip and learned that they produce over 50 million servings of delicious and healthy dried soup mix, as well as process and dry enough fresh peaches to fill 10 large sea cargo containers. This food is distributed to hungry people in over 100 countries across the world.

H.S. students and adults travel to central California where we are housed in dorm style rooms as we volunteer our labor for a week at a time. Great food, plenty of down time, and a pool are all part of the fun of serving together. In one week of service you can be part of processing and drying over 700,000 lbs of fruit.