Growing closer to God, helping others
along the way.

Willamette Community Church is a group of ordinary people who desire to grow closer to God and live out His mission for us in our lives.

Willamette Community Church is also home to Albany Christian School, which has been educating students in an atmosphere of love and excellence since 1964.

We are

Ordinary People

We are ordinary people who are seeking to grow in maturity so that God can work in us and through us, for His glory and for the sake of others.  

We believe that you should come as you are to our church services and ultimately to Jesus himself.  

Our gatherings are casual but important, as we understand that it is a great privilege to meet with God and His family at the start of each week. We hope that you would consider joining us on a Sunday morning. 

Please check out the link below to meet our staff.


We are guided by God's

Transforming Word

God has spoken through His Word and through the life of His Son, Jesus. Each Sunday we consider who God is and what He has done and is doing. His amazing grace includes us into His family through faith, and now we are called to worship Him completely.


We gather and are

SENT out

Because God has blessed us, we respond to Him in obedience and faith by serving Him and the world that He loves. 

God is making us into a serving church family as we become more aware that we are sent by Him into our work places, our schools, our neighborhoods, and our world.